A lazy, cold, winter weekend definitely calls for some homemade soup. I'm relatively new to making soups at home, and I still find myself complaining half way through all the chopping that's involved. Soups can be laborious and time consuming. However, I'm realizing that the results make it all totally worth it. A heaping pot of goodness, that tastes delicious and lasts the entire week!

LENTIL SOUP // makes about 8 servings


4 cloves of garlic, roasted (see instructions below)
1 yellow onion, roughly chopped
4 carrots, roughly chopped
4 stalks celery, roughly chopped
2 cups lentils, rinced
1 tbsp cumin
8 cups broth (vegetable or chicken)
1 bay leaf
2 whole sprigs of time
olive oil

What to do:

Start by roasting the garlic. In a dry dutch oven over medium heat, drop in the 4 garlic cloves, peels still on. Toast each side for a few minutes, until the skins are browned and fragrant. Set aside.

Add some olive oil to the dutch oven, still on medium heat. Saute the chopped veggies until tender. You may need to add a spoonful or two of broth to help with the tenderizing.

Peel and chop the garlic. Add the lentils, cumin and garlic to the pot. Stir well to coat all the lentils in oil.

Add the broth, bay leaf and thyme to the pot. Simmer, uncovered, until the lentils are tender, at least 30 minutes, up to 60 minutes - depending on how thin/thick you want the broth to be. (I left mine on for about 50 minutes).

Remove the bay leaf and thyme before serving. Enjoy!