Since moving into the new place at the beginning of June, we have been wanting to host a dinner party. As per usual, the summer got busy, and people's schedules just didn't align.

September 21 was the 2013 fall solstice, and we saw this as the perfect opportunity to have people over and pamper them with good food. What better way to wrap up bbq season then with a feast from the sea?

On the menu, a seafood smorgasboard from Bill's in the east end: lobsters on the barbie (and tofu steaks for some), moules a la mariniere - inspired by A little safron, fresh oysters with homemade horseradish, a simple potato salad, an end of summer tomato orzo salad and an apple crisp for dessert.

We ate well, drank well and ended the night with bourbon cherry manhattans, jelly bellies and a pretty solid game of balderdash!