We've been making this recipe for years. My love for middle eastern food runs deep, and I will take any excuse to eat pita and hummus for dinner. The chicken works equally well in the winter baked in the oven, or grilled on the bbq in the summer months. Whatever you do, don't skip the pickled turnips -- they add a lovely vinegary complement to the flavour packed chicken. 




December would typically be filled with all the holiday gatherings, but as we all know, this December, just like this whole year, is anything but typical. In lieu of hanging with friends and family, we'll be tucked away at home, using the quiet time for a much needed reset. 

Just because we won't be seeing people, doesn't mean we can't still enjoy all the festive seasonal treats, so since December 1st holiday cookies have been in full swing around here. First we had Chanukah sugar cookies, then BA's chocolate-tahini linzers, most recently Nana's shortbread and coming up later this week, gingerbread and chocolate log. 

Karyn's Christmas tea seemed like the perfect thing to have on hand while we chow down on so many cookies. Reminiscent of last year's Dames holiday cookie exchange. 



One of the benefits of so many people working from home is that a lot of local chefs are doing (and sharing) more home cooking. I stumbled onto this recipe after falling down a deep online rabbit hole, landing on Chef Rocco's instagram account. Given the delicious-ness of all things Libretto, I knew this recipe would not disappoint. The in-house taste tester labeled these restaurant quality pancakes -- so you know they're a winner!




We just got back from another splendid week at the cottage, filled with a 3L bottle of rosé, outdoor workouts, early morning paddle boarding/kayaking, aperol-spritz dock o'clock, blueberry picking, late night bbq smores, and an engagement! It felt so good to be offline for a whole week, surrounded by family, fresh air and the lake.  

In true Shelley fashion, there's no way I wouldn't tackle the long drive without snacks, so I made a big batch of these before leaving town. They were perfect car snacks, and came in handy all week long before an early morning paddle, or after one of N's long rides. 



We spent majority of the past two weeks at the cottage with my family. Given everything that's going on right now, spending time surrounded by family and away from a computer was just the reset we needed.

In true country style, we did our fair share of eating, drinking, celebrating, gardening and swimming. We ate super well, despite the stress of pandemic groceries, and the inability to just pop to the store for a missing ingredient. The pandemic has given us the time to attempt homemade pasta, and given how delicious it is, I couldn't not whip up a batch of fresh noodles for the family.



Summer, and its ragging humidity, has arrived with a vengeance this weekend. It feels too hot to do anything, including turning on the oven, so we're relying on all things barbecue. This salad originally came together as a way to use up the last of some wilting herbs, and has now become an early summer staple - when asparagus are fresh and in their prime.



Between the ongoing pandemic and recent anti-racism riots, the world is in a weird place right now. I'm doing my part to stay informed, while also trying really hard to not get bogged down by all the stress and emotion. Sunshine escapes on our little balcony, and spending time in the kitchen, are so far, luckily, really helping.

Whether it's tacos, fajitas, or burrito bowls, we eat a lot of Mexican inspired food around here, as I'm happiest when I can top a meal with avocado and/or cilantro. This is one of those meals that works equally well for lunch or dinner, and can be easily scaled up to feed a crowd. Don't skip the pickled onions - they add the perfect hit of acidity and crunch.