We spent the first week of August in Cape Breton, the eastern most part of Nova Scotia. Cape Breton Island is home to the Cabot Trail, a scenic road weaving its way along the coast. We were drawn to the Cabot Trail both because N wanted to bike it (bucket list ✔️), and because we had heard the hikes were abundant, scenery gorgeous and seafood as fresh as it comes.

After a long car ride and 24 hours in New Brunswick, we met up with 4 friends in Baddeck. We spent the following 3 days making our way around the Trail; first night in Baddeck, second night in Cheticamp and the final night in Ingonish Beach. Each day brought a new mountain to hike (or bike), a different beach to swim on, and copious amounts of fresh lobster and snow crab. Vacay trifecta if you ask me.



No Bake Energy Bites | Sevengrams

We did it -- no more boxes, heavy lifting, fighting with packing tape or unpacking. We're done, all moved in, and it feels so good! We've spent the past four days unpacking, nesting, discovering our new 'hood, and finally, as of today, cooking. It took some time to unpack all my kitchen boxes, but once settled, it felt great to be back in the kitchen.

We leave for Cape Breton tomorrow -- a 14 hour drive east, to meet up with dear friends, and then tackle the cabot trail together. Some will be biking, others hiking, but either way, long drives and outdoor activities demand snacks (right?!).



Banana Bread Waffles | Sevengrams

This is it. The last post from our fabulous little apartment in Toronto. The past two years, and this apartment, have been so good to us. We've hosted countless dinner parties, used our barbecue as a smoker, tried our hand at growing veggies, consumed a few too many cocktails, built our own furniture, celebrated holidays and birthdays, and really just loved every minute of it (minus of course, the squirrels in the roof, raccoon party on the balcony and the leaky roof).

When we moved in two years ago, it was the first time we were living together, and with N, came his waffle iron. Waffles, and slow weekend mornings have sort of become our thing, and with that, waffles seemed like the only appropriate way to say goodbye to Toronto, and to this apartment.

We move tomorrow, and then head out East for a week. We may not be giving ourselves ample unpacking time, but we sure know how to enjoy Summer. Happy almost August friends -- see you on the other side!



Grilled Tomato Pasta Salad | Sevengrams

Its crunch time around here. T minus 10 days until the movers arrive and whisk off all of our belongings (eek!). Books and baking supplies have already been packed and we're trying hard to use up all the odds and ends in the pantry (I'm thinking rice paper rolls may be in our near future).

Its also been mega hot around here, so we've been trying really hard not to use the oven. This basically means everything either gets eaten raw, or barbecued. If you've never barbecued a tomato, you're seriously missing out. Perfect as a simple side dish, or chopped up in salads, its become our go-to as of late. It helps that the Ontario tomatoes are looking so darn sexy at the market. Call this pasta salad, or packing fuel, but either way, I'm totally having seconds.



Lakeside Sangria | Sevengrams

This past weekend was an extra long weekend. My office added a few extra vacay days to the Canada Day long weekend, giving us ample time to mission to the cottage. It was a fantastic 5 days spent with my family; celebrating big birthdays, eating good meals, overdosing on sugar, and of course, indulging in the mandatory lakeside cocktail hour.

That's where this sangria comes in. It's my favourite recipe -- really simple to throw together, laced with boozy fruit, and quite forgiving based on what you have in the fridge. I promise it tastes equally delicious whether or not you have a dock to drink it on. Happy Summer friends!



Soft and chewy ginger molasses ice cream sammies | Sevengrams

Happy Canada Day! Happy Almost July 4th! Happy we're moving! Wait, what?

You heard me -- we're picking up and moving to Montreal at the end of the month! I still can't believe its happening. We've been talking about it for quite some time, and the timing just feels right. It's all a little bit surreal, as we've totally loved our time in Toronto, but we're keen to discover (re-discover for me) a new city together, be closer to the lakemountains and maple syrup (of course). More details to come over the next few weeks, but just know that things may get quiet around here as we attempt to sneak in all things Toronto, and pack up the absurd amount of kitchen things and bowls that I own.

Ice cream sandwiches felt like an appropriate way to celebrate all the excitement. Not only are there some kick-ass places to get them in Toronto, but N and I have a mutual love for all things cookies and ice cream. So bake up a batch, grab some ice cream and head outside for the festive celebrations!



Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

There's been a haze of humidity looming over the city lately. The air has felt stuffy, heavy and downright unpleasant. But come night time, the humidity lifts, and leaves behind a perfectly magical summer evening, begging for a relaxing drink on the back deck. Usually its a simple glass of wine, or a beer, but sometimes, we go the extra mile and put our bar cart goodies to use.

Pimm's Cup is an ideal refreshing outdoor bevvy. Typically made with lemon soda, we swapped out the soda for a delicious local ginger beer that we're mildly obsessed with. Try to track down some authentic ginger beer, it makes all the difference.