Soft and chewy ginger molasses ice cream sammies | Sevengrams

Happy Canada Day! Happy Almost July 4th! Happy we're moving! Wait, what?

You heard me -- we're picking up and moving to Montreal at the end of the month! I still can't believe its happening. We've been talking about it for quite some time, and the timing just feels right. It's all a little bit surreal, as we've totally loved our time in Toronto, but we're keen to discover (re-discover for me) a new city together, be closer to the lakemountains and maple syrup (of course). More details to come over the next few weeks, but just know that things may get quiet around here as we attempt to sneak in all things Toronto, and pack up the absurd amount of kitchen things and bowls that I own.

Ice cream sandwiches felt like an appropriate way to celebrate all the excitement. Not only are there some kick-ass places to get them in Toronto, but N and I have a mutual love for all things cookies and ice cream. So bake up a batch, grab some ice cream and head outside for the festive celebrations!



Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

There's been a haze of humidity looming over the city lately. The air has felt stuffy, heavy and downright unpleasant. But come night time, the humidity lifts, and leaves behind a perfectly magical summer evening, begging for a relaxing drink on the back deck. Usually its a simple glass of wine, or a beer, but sometimes, we go the extra mile and put our bar cart goodies to use.

Pimm's Cup is an ideal refreshing outdoor bevvy. Typically made with lemon soda, we swapped out the soda for a delicious local ginger beer that we're mildly obsessed with. Try to track down some authentic ginger beer, it makes all the difference.

Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

Pimm's Cup with Ginger Beer | Sevengrams

PIMM'S CUP WITH GINGER BEER // serves 1, scale up accordingly

This drink is incredibly forgiving in terms of garnish. If you have fresh local strawberries, or a cucumber lying around, feel free to slice those up and toss them in as well. 

1 slice orange
1 slice lemon
1 slice lime
2-3 fresh mint leaves
2 oz. Pimms
3 oz. Ginger Beer (track down the good stuff)

To serve, combine the Pimms and Ginger beer in a glass and stir. Add the mint leaves, fruit and stir again. Gently sit the ice cube in the glass and serve immediately.



The Stop's Night Market | Sevengrams

Back in February, friends of mine asked if I wanted to join their team to design, and potentially build, a food cart for The Stop's Annual Night Market. Any opportunity to combine food and architecture for a good cause, and I'm there, no questions asked. So we hashed out our design, submitted it to the competition, and were one of 35 teams selected to build our cart. Woohoo!

Its been a hectic few months, filled with power tools, long days and several trips to the hardware store (process shots over here), but here we are, a finished cart and an incredibly successful event, featuring roughly 60 local chefs, bite size eats, drinks and 35 one-of-a-kind food carts.

Some food highlights: the Indonesian rice bowl from Babi&Co; killer spicy deep fried wings from Bar Fancy; delicious chili chicken papri chaat from Dundas Park Kitchen; beet & rice stuffed grape leaves from Woodlot (they even sold out!); and these perfect little rhubarb dessert cups from Mad Maple. We ate, we drank, we scoped out the cart competition and overall, had a really amazing night.



Easy Chocolate Cupcakes with Summer Berries | Sevengrams

The weather may not elude to it, but for me, June always screams summer. Between my birthday, the first cone of the season, and spotting Ontario strawberries at the market, I couldn't be more excited that summer has arrived!

The past few weeks have been BUSY (weddings, more weddings, and building a food cart), and posts have been somewhat less frequent, but there's always time for dessert, right? Especially when covered in whipped cream and fresh berries.



Baked Cinnamon + Sugar Donuts | Sevengrams

Did you hear? Its National Donut Day! Seeing as I'd never miss any opportunity to make donuts, I had to join in on the fun!

We are big fans of sweets in our house, especially when covered with cinnamon and sugar. I haven't yet mustered up the courage to try making cinnamon buns, so these donuts seems like the perfect compromise. Perfectly fluffy dough speckled with nutmeg, then doused in a hearty serving of cinnamon sugar. These are by no means gluten-free, or refined sugar-free, but they are damn good. Trust.



Gluten-Free Roasted Rhubarb + Cornmeal Muffins | Sevengrams

Growing up, rhubarb wasn't a thing around our house. Not to blame my parents or anything, but it was one of those things that we didn't eat because they didn't like it (fried eggs was on that list too, but more on that later). I grew up thinking that the only way to eat rhubarb was combined with strawberries in pie. False.

Last year I fell hard and fast for rhubarb. I doused countless morning yogurt bowls (and waffles) in compote, and scooped fluffy cream on everythaaang. This year, I went the roasting route, and my life will never be the same. Make sure to grab some rhubarb while you can, and get roasting!



Market Haul Sweet Potato Fries with Ramp Pesto | Sevengrams

Ahh, long weekends. How I love them so. For once, we decided to stay put, relax in the comfort of our own city and it felt great.

The four day weekend kicked off with cookies, drinks (possibly too many) with an old friend, and a really delicious dinner. On Saturday, we made a trip to the farmer's market and took in some really great live music. We don't often venture over to the farmer's market, but man was it a treat! Never have I ever stumbled onto baby turnips or ramps before, and I was so excited to get back to the kitchen. I made this giant bowl of goodness for lunch yesterday -- we grabbed 2 forks, 2 beers and just plunked ourselves on the patio. Long weekend perfection if you ask me.