Mulled Apple Cider | Sevengrams

We were recently in Vermont, and as per the recommendation of a friend, we stopped at the Cold Hollow Cider Mill for breakfast dessert and indulged in their famous apple cider donuts. While there, we spotted a giant jug of fresh apple cider and couldn't resist.

The past week has been filled with home-made baked donuts, mugs of warm cider while binging on our new favourite show, brainstorming about how to recreate the epic apple cider sorbet we had in Waterbury, and (naturally) trying to come up with a boozy way to finish off the jug. Mulled wine just felt right, after waking up yesterday to our first snow fall of the season -- filled with all the warmth, aromatics and alcohol one craves this time of year.



Burlington + Waterbury, VT | Sevengrams

This weekend's escape was just what we needed -- a quick trip out of town to focus on us, combined with good food, fantastic beer and fresh country air. I was last in Burlington about 15 years ago, at an age when shopping at Old Navy and Abercrombie - in America - was revolutionary (oh how times have changed). This trip was a little different. After hearing about Vermont's incredible craft beer scene, we headed down primarily for the beer. We were wow-ed by the beer, equally impressed with the food, and fell madly in love with Vermont's charm.



Carrot Cake | Sevengrams

I knew that studying for my licensing exams would be difficult, but the past 3 months were way more intense then I could have ever imagined. I've always been the kind of person who felt she could do it all -- including balancing a full time job, full time studying and my sanity. These past few weeks were a shocking reminder that this isn't always the case. That sometimes, leaving dirty dishes in the sink overnight or eating the same thing 5 nights in a row, is not only okay, but is totally acceptable.

Last Monday and Tuesday came and went, and when I woke up the next morning and realized I didn't have to be hidden away studying anymore, I felt like I could finally breathe again. I could once again think about lazy weekend morningssetting up our new apartment, spending time with friends and family, and finally, finally, baking the carrot cake that I had been craving for weeks.

I get that its totally not carrot cake 'season' right now, but a craving is a craving, and after feeling pretty good about accomplishing a mega milestone in my life/career, I had no choice but to succumb to the craving, no questions asked.



Autumn Market Salad with Dijon Dressing | Sevengrams

The market beside our house is stocked with variety right now -- overwhelming with pumpkins, bales of hay and an overall autumn vibe, yet still selling the last of Quebec's beauty berries and tomatoes. For me, this is quintessential Fall -- the gradual fade out of summer followed by the slow transition into shorter days, colder temps, boots and sweaters. It totally came out of no where this year.

Autumn's bounty is pretty spectacular, and far more varied than apples and pumpkins (there will be plenty of that this weekend, don't worry). So while I prepare to stuff myself with pie and studying (there may not be any turkey this year), I figured a giant bowl of veggies was just what I needed. If you're celebrating this weekend, enjoy the long weekend and happy (canadian) thanksgiving!



Baked Apple Donut Holes with Honey Glaze | Sevengrams

Free time has been pretty sparse around here lately -- days have been filled with work and evenings with studying, leaving very little time for the fun stuff. I'm sneaking in family time and friend time as best I can, but things will continue to stay a little quiet around here until November.

That being said, this weekend's unexpected trip to the Abbey to go apple picking was just what I needed: fresh 'autumn is coming' cottage air, a summery sky, and all the apples a girl could dream of. It was perfect. When we arrived home with a 10 lb bag of apples, apples and honey seemed like the only solution (considering I didn't get around to baking last week for Jewish New Year). Last year's apple chips and apple sauce are totally happening this week too.

Happy almost first day of Fall, and Gmar Chatima Tova to those celebrating.



Maple Oat Whoopie Pies with Maple Cashew Cream | Sevengrams

Four years ago, when Jodi told me she was moving to France, I was overcome with all the emotions -- filled with joy and excitement for her and her new adventure, filled with love for the new chapter that her and Matt were starting, and totally saddened to know that we would no longer be living in the same city (or at the time, same country).

I'd like to think that having an ocean between friends makes their friendship stronger. We skyped regularly, visited as often as we could, and once she started her blog back in 2012, I knew I would never miss a beat. Each new post brought forward an enticing new recipe, and a sneak peak into the life that she (they), were creating in France.

She landed back in Canada yesterday, and to say that I'm excited to have her home would be an understatement. To channel some of this excitement, I reached out to some fellow blogging ladies to throw Jodi a virtual welcome home party. And in true Canadian spirit, its loaded with all things maple.



Azorean Almond Polenta Pineapple Cake | Sevengrams

We spent an unforgettable week in the Azores last October, and ate our way through the island. One dish that truly stood out was the pineapple cake from A Tasca, a great little restaurant in the heart of Sao Miguel.

When I returned home from the trip, I researched, baked, and baked some more, until I landed on the perfect recipe. One that was loaded with fresh pineapple, yielded a gorgeous texture and was totally messy, just like at the restaurant.

Head over to Salt & Wind for the recipe.