It may have been the champagne talking, but on new years eve 2019 I found myself committing to testing out an idea for a side project. A weekly meal plan service that would include four recipes for lunch and/or dinners, and a bonus recipe for a breakfast, snack or dessert. At the time, amidst rounds of Codenames, we chatted about the potential for this 'service' to be an interactive app, for it to include a weekly grocery list, dietary substitutions, etc.

Though I haven't developed this idea to that level just yet, I realized that I could find a simple way to share the weekly planning that goes on in our house. Given that we're all currently self-isolating and cooking 3 meals a day, 7 days a week (on repeat), getting this page going now just felt timely.

Hopefully the ideas and menus below will inspire some exciting new dishes in your kitchen.

WEEK 68 //

Grilled broccoli + asparagus with pesto

Black pepper and honey chicken (from Where There's Smoke)

Sourdough sandwiches with turkey, pesto and sun-dried tomatoes

Mint madness salad (from Mandy's)

WEEK 67 //

Pesto pizza with shaved asparagus + zucchini

Beef kofta with strawberry taboule (from Bowl + Spoon)

R&D salad (from Mandy's)

WEEK 66 //

Pasta carbonara with asparagus (hybrid of this and this)

Grilled tofu with coconut turmeric rice (from Instant Family Meals)

Overnight oats with fresh strawberries

WEEK 65 //

Chicken kofta with sumac grilled cauliflower

Grilled sausages with asparagus

WEEK 64 //

Rice + lentils with fattoush + hummus

Oma's rhubarb pie

WEEK 63 //

Whole roasted branzino with lemon + parsley

Green harissa (from Bowl + Spoon) marinated BBQ chicken

Romaine salad with dill ranch dressing

WEEK 62 //

Burritos with mexi-rice + refried beans (from Instant Family Meals)

WEEK 61 //

Instant pot bolognese (from Instant Family Meals)

'Habibi' salad (from Mandy's)

Argentinian sausages + salsas

Steak fajitas, chips + guac

Basque cheesecake

WEEK 60 //

'The Fave' salad with arugula, broccoli + pita chips (from Mandy's)

BBQ smoked trout sandwiches with avo, arugula + mayo (riff on this)

Pineapple upside down cake (from Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 59 //

Jerk chicken with coconut rice + peas

Turkey meat balls (from Bowl + Spoon)

Mexi-salad with black beans (from Mandy's)

Pulled pork tacos (from Instant Family Meals)

Vanilla sprinkle cake (from Yossy Arefi's Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 58 //

Lamb larb with mango salad (from Meera Sodha's East)

Kale caesar with crispy chickpeas + cornbread croutons

Trout with thai grapefruit salad (from Meera Sodha's East)

Honey soy tofu and kung-pow cauliflower (from Meera Sodha's East)

Sourdough discard carrot muffins

WEEK 57 //

Mujadara (rice + lentils) with veg skewers and hummus

BBQ brisket 

WEEK 56 //

Moroccan spiced chicken (from Instant Family Meals)

Mac + Cheese (from Instant Family Meals)

Marinated tofu (from Mandy's Gourmet Salads)

WEEK 55 //

Passover in the country

WEEK 54 // 

Turkey meatball soup (from Instant Family Meals)

Biryani chicken + rice (from Instant Family Meals)

WEEK 53 //

Tofu tokyo salad (from Mandy's Gourmet Salads)

Almond flour banana bread cookies

WEEK 52 //


Lumberjack salad (from Mandy's Gourmet Salads)

WEEK 51 //

Carrot + red lentil dal

Chicken banh mi on sourdough baguette

Shanghai salad (from Mandy's Gourmet Salads)

WEEK 50 //

Mesquite chicken wraps

WEEK 49 //

Steamed bao buns with Momofuku's pork + pickled veg

Orange poppy seed cake (from Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 48 //

Shakshuka (from Sunday Suppers)

Roasted butternut squash soup

Hard shell tacos

WEEK 47 //

Spinach + cheese strata with leftover sourdough (a riff on this)

Chocolate chip cookies (from Seven Spoons)

WEEK 46 //

Chicken, slaw and peanut wraps with PB coconut sauce

Pork vermicelli bowls

Mushroom risotto 

Paprika 'tandoori-ish' chicken (from Vibrant Food) with naan

Chocolate PB cake (from Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 45 //

Tomato soup + grilled cheese

Tofu pad thai

WEEK 44 //

Saucy chicken meatballs (from Bowl + Spoon)

Shawarma chicken with pita + pickled turnips

Lasagna with cashew 'ricotta'

WEEK 43 //

Leftover pulled pork + slaw sandwiches


Challah french toast casserole 

WEEK 42 [nye] //

Gnocchi with basic pomodoro

Kamado Joe pulled pork with slaw

NYE // steak frites + creme brulée

Potato + egg spanish tortilla

WEEK 41 [christmas!] //

Christmas Eve Dinner //hot dogs in blankets, tahini glazed cauliflower, green salad with oranges + fennel, peruvian bbq chicken and sticky toffee pudding with salted caramel

Christmas breakfast // cinnamon buns + fruit salad

Christmas lunch // nana's mac + cheese with LF condensed mushroom soup

Christmas Dinner // shrimp cocktail, prime rib + all the sides, chocolate wafer icebox cake

WEEK 40 //

Roasted butternut squash soup

WEEK 39 (chanukah!) // 

Chanukah sugar cookies

WEEK 38 //

Butternut + spinach lasagna 

Tofu, soba + kale soup (a hybrid of this and this)

WEEK 37 //

Provencal chicken with orzo

Grilled cheese + tomato soup

Kale ceasar chicken wraps

Shephard's pie

Pumpkin chocolate cake (from Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 36 //

Tilapia, greek salad and roasted potatoes

Grilled chicken with chinese ginger scallion sauce

Chicken fingers (from Sanagan's new book Cooking Meat) + fries 

PB banana cake (from Snacking Cakes)

WEEK 34 //

Tofu sushi bowls

Roast beef sandwiches

Trout, rice and quick pickled cucumbers

Apple cake

WEEK 33 //

packing, moving and unpacking...aka a whole lot of take-out

WEEK 32 //

Turkey bacon club sandwiches on sourdough

The last meal salad (from Bowl + Spoon)

Sausage + rapini pasta

WEEK 31 //

Lamb + pistachio burgers

WEEK 30 //

Jerk chicken with rice + peas

Sourdough grilled cheese

Orzo + chickpea pasta salad

WEEK 29 //

Steak + boiled new potatoes

Asian greens, rice noodles + tofu/short ribs

Mac + cheese

Take-out thai

Italian plum pie

WEEK 28 //

Pizza with roasted fennel + sausage

Roasted sweet potatoes with chickpeas, spinach and tahini ranch dressing

WEEK 27 //

Roast chicken with beets + chimicchuri

WEEK 26 //

Chinese chicken salad with a coconut peanut sauce

Carnita tacos with fresh Ontario corn

Take-out Indian

WEEK 25 //

Belated birthday ribs

Tomato and peach panzanella with grilled sausages

Brown rice and tofu + veg skewers with cashew cilantro sauce 

Overnight oats with fresh peaches

WEEK 24 // 

Orzo salad with chickpeas, oven dried tomatoes and arugula

Lamb chops on charcoal grill 

WEEK 23 //

Chicken tinga tacos with pico de gallo

Tofu + veg skewers with corn on the cobb

Chocolate zucchini bread (from Seven Spoons)

WEEK 22 // 

Rainbow trout with dill + cucumber salad

BBQ chicken thighs with sweet corn + tomato salad

Summer tomato sandwiches on sourdough

WEEK 21 // 

gone paddling and blueberry picking...

WEEK 20 //

Chicken wings with corn on the cobb

Nicoise salads with fresh ontario green beans, new potatoes + tomatoes

Chicken tinga bowls with millet, leafy greens, farm fresh corn + tomatoes, and avocado

Fresh pasta with balcony basil pesto

No-bake peanut butter balls

WEEK 19 //

Green rice with grilled pineapple and tofu skewers

Jerk chicken with rice + peas and coleslaw

Rice + lentils with bbq veggie skewers (from Bowl + Spoon)

Chicken schnitzel with crunchy salad

Strawberry + balsamic ice cream (still making our way through this from last week)

WEEK 18 //

Swiss chard frittata (with inspiration from here)

Zucchini chicken burgers

Strawberry tabbouleh (from Bowl + Spoon)

Pan fried perch with oven fries and coleslaw

Strawberry campari pops (from Sweeter off the vine)

WEEK 17 //

Fresh pasta with red sauce

Peruvian flattened bbq chicken (from Where There's Smoke)

Nicoise salad

CLT sandwiches (grilled chicken, lettuce + tomato)

Strawberry rhubarb yogurt cake

WEEK 16 //

Pizza (dough from Sprouted Kitchen)

Orzo + chickpea salad with black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, fresh herbs and red-wine vinaigrette

Chicken + veg skewers with rice and muhumarra

Bavette with chimichurri

Scones with the best jam

WEEK 15 //

Chicken salad on sourdough

Thai pork + beans

Honey sriracha chicken wings with pickled celery (from Date Night In)

Chickpea + millet salad with green harissa

Baked chocolate donuts with toasted coconut

WEEK 14 //

Asparagus + Kale Salad with BBQ Tofu

Boar sausages with grilled snow peas and radishes

"The Last Meal" Salad (from Sprouted Kitchen's Bowl & Spoon)

Short ribs, broccoli and shishito peppers

Strawberry rhubarb crisp

WEEK 13 //

Hard shell tacos

'Mexi' stuffed peppers

Zaatar pitas with sumac chicken and arugula

Sourdough pizza

Rhubarb upside down cake

WEEK 12 //

Pasta salad with roasted veg and loads of fresh herbs

Grilled chicken thighs and asparagus

Lamb larb

Kale salad with chicken, cashews, fennel + miso dressing

Pancakes with rhubarb cream

WEEK 11 //

Caesar salad with smoky nut crumble

Spring samosas

BBQ Sausages with Argentinian salsas

Hero sandwiches on sourdough

Banana Bread

WEEK 10 //

Lamb burgers

Sourdough grilled cheese sandwiches

Sunday roast

Rice paper rolls with tofu


WEEK 9 //

Shakshuka (from Karen Mordechai's Sunday Suppers)

WEEK 8 //

Cobb Salad

Burrito Bowl with beans or shredded chicken

Veggie sourdough sandwiches with sunflower tzatziki

Butter chicken with naan

Hummingbird Cake

Veggie burgers

Carbonara (or a veggie version here)

Shrimp skewers on the bbq with broccoli and rice

Apple crisp

WEEK 6 //

Vermicelli bowls with chicken or tofu

Chicken souvlaki with greek pitas (homemade or store bought) and greek salad

Pasta with sausage, tomato sauce, garlic bread and side salad

Tofu and brown rice bowl with cucumber, greens and tamari dressing

WEEK 5 //

Avocado quesadillas

WEEK 4 //

Whole branzino (or other white fish) with oven roasted potatoes and salad

Seared tuna with rice, cucumbers and soy sauce

WEEK 3 //

Pizza (store bought or homemade)

WEEK 2 //

WEEK 1 //

Falafel, fattoush and hummus

Sausages on the BBQ with oven fries and salad