This is one of those recipes that came together serendipitously last summer. We had an abundance of fresh mint, and I was trying to think of a low-effort dinner that could be packed with mint and crunchy raw veggies. I've been meaning to jot down the recipe for a while, and though Covid-19 is scary and far from ideal, it's given us with more down time, and as a result, more time to spend in this space. Silver lining?


Feel free to swap chicken for tofu, or add more veggies. Also, the chicken doesn't have to be done on the BBQ, but in my opinion, the bbq gets those nice charred ends that add a lovely crunch to the bowl.


4 boneless skinless chicken thighs
rice noodles
1 head iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped
1 bunch cilantro, washed and roughly chopped
1 bunch mint, washed and roughly chopped
2-3 carrots (depending on size), julienned

double batch of this dressing

green onions and/or peanuts, for serving

What to do:

Barbecue the chicken thighs until cooked and slightly charred.

While the chicken is cooking, prepare all your veggies, whisk up the dressing, and cook the rice noodles as per package instructions.

When ready to serve, build individual bowls. Start with a base of lettuce, then add the carrots, generous handfuls of fresh herbs, and rice noodles. Chop the chicken thighs and place on top, along with any additional toppings (green onions/peanuts). Liberally dress each bowl with dressing, and serve immediately.