I returned this past weekend from an unbelievably amazing week in Spain; we spent 2 days in Granada and 4 days in Mallorca. A week was far too short to truly get to know the country, but it was definitely enough time for me to fall in love, and re-add it to the travel list.

GRANADA // Granada is the home town of tapas, and what better way to kick off a vacation then with delicious Spanish wine and free toasty nibbles? A friend had passed along the names of a few wine bars in town, and I would highly recommend all of them. After spending a day at the Alhambra, your evening easily comes together when you hop from wine bar to wine bar, sampling reds and indulging on the evening's choice of tapas.

BODEGA ESPADAFOR // The setting brings you back to Spain in the 1950s. Its good for both tapas and as a restaurant. Their house red was a classic, with two glasses going for only five euros!

SAINT GERMAIN // By far my favourite! Rather small, but a really fabulous atmosphere and super friendly staff. We went through three rounds of tapas and each one was better then the last. Try the Juan Gil red - you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend the brie with red pepper marmalade from their full menu as well.

AL SUR DE GRANADA // This is a unique little spot: wine bar mixed with local shop. They sell all local Granada products (anything from wine, to jam, to produce), and serve up a delicious menu too.

TABERNA LA TANA // Very small place, but also very traditional. Lots of local wines - highly recommend the Cauzon red from Granada. We tried the Salmorejo (tomato bread puree), wasn't a huge fan but its definitely worth trying while in Spain. Their mixed tapas plate was also a nice way to try a variety of different local snacks.

MALLORCA // Give me an island with winding coastal roads, white sandy beaches, peaks to climb and coastal villages to meander through, and I'm a happy little traveller. Give Nigel bike-able terrain and a sweet bike rental, and he's an equally happy camper. What can I say, Mallorca really was one of those 'perfect' destinations.

We stayed in a fabulous Airbnb spot just outside of Palma. Staying in Establisments meant that we weren't indulging in restaurant cuisine every night, but we were definitely taking advantage of the fresh local produce while whipping up meals at home. Mallorcan figs are definitely on the "must eat" list; white 'seedless' pomegranates were quite a hit as well. We sampled some good local wine too, both of which were available at the grocery store for under 10 euros.

MALLORCAN WINES // Pedra Jose Luis Ferrer (red) & Anada Macia Batle (red)

As for Mallorcan cuisine, though we didn't eat too much of it, we definitely consumed our fare share of local pastries. Ensaimada is a spiral croissant-like bun, doused in icing sugar, and it is seriously delicious. Though you can find them all around the island, the best one we tried was from a little shop in Palma.

FORN FONDO // Small little pastry shop with all things sweet and delicious!