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I love any opportunity to host a good dinner party (as seen herehere and here), especially when there's a theme, and extra especially when its for a birthday.

We hosted 10 people on Friday night for an early birthday celebration. Being a work day, the menu had to be easy, and mainly 'make-ahead' dishes. Pulled pork seemed like a cost effective, delicious option, and from there, a southern-bbq theme emerged. Filled with festive plates from my new favourite store, a $10 bouquet diy-ed into center pieces, spicy collard greens and kickin' kentucky mules, the evening was a smashing success. We ate, we drank, we giggled. On repeat.

dinner //

a variation of my go-to potato salad
radicchio, apple and cilantro slaw (from Date Night In)
pulled pork sandwiches (from Date Night In, similar to this)

dessert //

gluten free oatmeal cookies with dairy-free coconut ice cream

drinks //

kentucky mules (recipe below)

A Southern-BBQ Inspired Dinner | Sevengrams

A Southern-BBQ Inspired Dinner | Sevengrams

Kentucky Mule | Sevengrams

Kentucky Mule | Sevengrams

A Southern-BBQ Inspired Dinner | Sevengrams

A Southern-BBQ Inspired Dinner | Sevengrams

KENTUCKY MULE / serves 2, easily scaled up

Similar to a Moscow Mule, but swapping the vodka for bourbon. Dangerously delicious. You've been warned. 


juice from 1/2 lime (~1 T)
6 mint leaves, divided
2-4 oz bourbon
ginger beer

What to do:

Divide the lime juice and mint between 2 lowball glasses. Use a muddler to gently press the mint into the juice.

Add the bourbon (1-2 oz. per glass) and 1 large ice cube. Stir gently. Fill the remainder of the glass with ginger beer.

If making for a crowd, scale up quantities accordingly, and combine everything in a shaker. Serve over ice.

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