It’s wild how quickly a whole year of marriage can go. We knew we wanted to do something to celebrate, but couldn’t quite decide on what. When we finally landed a reservation at Pearl Morissette, on our anniversary no less, we treated its location as an excuse to get out of town for the weekend. Given Jordan, Ontario’s proximity to Buffalo, we decided why not spend the weekend eating chicken wings, drinking local beer, and seeing some good ol’ FLW.

We strolled the eerily quiet streets of Buffalo, taking in the grandeur of the historic building stock; we had bbq for lunch at Dinosaur BBQ, followed by mid-afternoon classic buffalo wings and beers at Big Ditch Brewing; once it got dark, we headed to Allen Street for a pre-dinner cocktail and burgers and an extensive beer menu at Allen Burger Venture. After a lazy Sunday morning at the hotel, we grabbed massive sandwiches for lunch at the Breadhive Bakery, then headed to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Martin House for a tour, before a quick stop at Trader Joes before heading back over the boarder.

smoked wings with mango tango sauce at Dinosaur BBQ
classic buffalo wings and okay beer at Big Ditch Brewing
burgers and an epic beer list at Allen Burger Venture 
breakfast or lunch at breadhive bakery
martin house tour

beers at Colter Bay 
the Old Pink bar
live music at Nietzsche’s 
wings from Gabriel’s Gate 
check out buffalo city hall
Ted’s Hot Dogs
Bocce Club Pizza